All About Dog Sled Racing

It is a given fact that sled dog racing is one of the most popular sports in this generation. A number of people nowadays, become more and more interested with the sport dog sled racing. Some would also join this sport, looking forward for the fun, the adventure and the excitement that they are going [...]

Different Equipment Used in Dog Sledding / Dog Sled Racing

It is a given fact that before you are able to play dog sledding, you must consider the different factors first. One of which is definitely your equipments since without these, dog sledding would truly never be possible. Moreover as time passes by, the equipments used in dog sledding totally evolved such as from the [...]

Dog Sledding’s History and Rise

Dog sledding has a history of over thousands year. It outdates any modern vehicle. It is believed that dog sledding has started in the arctic region. These regions are covered in ice and no transportation was possible. Horses could not last in the harsh arctic region. But the dogs were better solution to this problem. [...]

Emergency Tools Recommended When Dog Sledding

Dog sledding is taking place is taking place in harsh Arctic region where you have no control over the weather. You cannot even predict the behavior of the nature. The weather can change in a blink of time. So dog sledding is dangerous and that’s why it offers so much adventure. If you are not [...]

Dog Sledding as a Career

Dog sledding is an adventurous career and it offers great possibility in ones career. But it is also a very tough career and you should be prepared for the ups and downs of life. The main quality required for dog sledding career is the love for the dogs and the love for this job. When [...]

Alaskan John Baker Wins the 2011 Iditarod

John Baker crossed the end line quite very first Tuesday inside the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, reclaiming the title of Iditarod champion for an Alaska Native musher. Baker, 48, of Kotzebue steered his canine group down the significant drag with this particular gold rush metropolis on Alaska’s western coast to win the 1,150-mile race [...]

Tips for Dog Sledding

We all may have heard of the sport dog sledding, in someway and in somehow. We may have heard it through conversations, through the TV and of course, through some magazines. We may have also encountered this when we are watching documentaries about dog sports. But then the question is, “Do we really know [...]

A Look Back at the History of Dog Sledding

It is a given fact that dog sledding has definitely become a very popular sport in our society and culture, nowadays. Dog sledding can not only be used for occupational activities but as well as it can be a recreation for many. A number of people would also even prefer the game of dog sledding [...]

Dog Sledding Safety

We all know that in snow or icy areas huge number of peoples are using dog sledding in different ways. In snow areas people use dog sledding like their cars because they used their dogs for going from one place to another and many people use dogs sledding in their work also.


The Benefits of Dog Sledding

In those areas where the snow fallen a lot and also the roads are blocked with the snow, specially on the hills and mountains, the people there uses their dogs as a way to go from one place to another. This is the only purpose why the dog sledding is used because the only way [...]