Dog Sled Races

If we see the history of the dog sledding then we came to know that at the beginning of its use it is use for traveling or as a mode of transportation and was not easy to use them but while the time with the addition of many years and the effort of many humans [...]

How to Choose the Best Dog Sled Team

A very most hot issue among the team of dog sled that how to choose the best dog for there race and which dog gives there best in during race. It is important to mention here that it is not easy task to select the best collection for your dog sled team.


The Benefits of Dog Sledding

In those areas where the snow fallen a lot and also the roads are blocked with the snow, specially on the hills and mountains, the people there uses their dogs as a way to go from one place to another. This is the only purpose why the dog sledding is used because the only way [...]

Dog Sledding Harness

A dog harness is not only for dog but many other animals that are used in games like horse, camel, eagle etc the dog harness protect them and safe them from harm. People are now very aware of the benefits of the dog harnesses. This is true that it protect not only their dog but [...]