Sled Dog Training Schedules

Any experienced sled dog trainer will tell you that the most important part of training a sled dog is keeping a set training schedule. Not only does this mean that you do certain activities at certain times on specific days but it also means that you start new phases of training on time and see them through to the end. When training a sled dog the best thing that you can do is to start as early as possible. The longer you wait to start training a sled dog the more difficult that it will be down the road; this is why you either have to get them when they are pups and start them early or get sled dogs that are already trained.

At eight to ten weeks even though your new pups will still be pretty small you can start fitting them with a collar and allowing them to drag a leash around the house for a few minutes two or three times a day. This will allow them to build up strength, stamina and endurance even at their young age. By about 6 months you sled dogs should be big enough so that you can start to condition them by taking them on short runs. At six months you can also start to get them used to pulling larger objects, such as a wagon. Over time you can increase the weight in the wagon to increase their strength. While it is important to socialize with your sled dogs each and every day you should be careful not to overwork them. Setting a schedule for specific training activities every other day will give both you and your dogs a break from the rigors of training. Remember, if you don’t stick to a schedule and overwork yourself or your dogs neither of you will enjoy the training.

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