Sled Dog Breeds

There are so many breeds of dog for sledding that the dogs are characterized by endurance, strength, and intelligence. These help man to transport supplies in the time where there is a lack of automobile with very muscular build. Usually medium to larger dogs are suitable for dog sledding because of their extra ordinary features such as they were developed to withstand very low temperatures, their coats have double layer with the undercoat acting as insulation against the ice and snow. Because they have such thick coats, they need regular brushing and grooming.
Now a day many other dogs are used as a sled dog but there are only eight to ten kind of dog traditionally use for sledding and some of them are the Siberian Husky, the Eurohound, the Canadian Eskimo dog, the Greenland dog, the Chinook, the Mackenzie River Husky, the Sakhalin Husky, the Seppala Siberian, the Tamaskan Husky. Many other dogs are now used with these breeds and these dogs help the other dogs to become trained. The leader or more well trained dog call “Musher” and he is the leader of the team and usually attached at the front of the dogs row.
Many other new breed of dogs are introduce in the dog sled racing like Alaska huskies are favored in the modern sled dog race because they are faster than traditional breed like the Alaskan Malamute or the Samoyed. These are not as strong but still favored to sled race because speed is matter in sled race and distance are shorter and these Alaska huskies are better then any other traditional breed although these are not a recognized breed.
Dog have main role in sled races and if there are well recognized breed are in a team so that team considered the best team among dog. They need a specific amount calories in there food to get energy while running and keep them warm on snow the best feature of these breed is these dog are much intelligent than any other dog breed and learn soon from their training they are humbled and can survive in low temperature.
Musher are generally of those dog who are best among the breed and well trained or much experience among dogs team and these are the leader of the team and have very important while race they need some time supplement and for more active while racing. Number of dogs breed are now using in the world for sled racing but still it is important to categorized the best sled dog among them because of the unique feature and efforts dog is very intelligent animal and he learn from other dogs and atmosphere and changes occur in there generation naturally according to there training and atmosphere provided them, So select the most top listed dog in the dog best sledding racers and organized a well trained dog team for the best execution in the race the best breed learn from other dog and act like one body although they are individual but this is the beauty of the team work.

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