Run a Dog Sled Team as a Musher

Running a dog sled team as a musher can be incredibly complex and as such it’s not something that you can just step into without any experience. It can take someone years of practice and training to become a decent dog sled team musher and the best mushers out there are ones that have been doing it since they were little. To run a dog team the first thing you need is knowledge. You have to know what you need to do in almost every situation; you can’t just hop onto a sled, crack a whip and go. The second thing that a musher needs is experience. While it is true that you can’t get experience without trial and error a new musher will be well served to get experienced in controlled conditions under the watch of a veteran musher with a veteran sled team.

To run a dog sled team efficiently you also need to have a relationship with the dogs that you are leading. While it is possible for a new musher to step in and lead a team of dogs it is by far ideal. You get the most productivity out of a dog sled team when they have grown attached to you and feel like they can trust you. The relationship between a musher and his or her dog team requires loyalty and trust. The musher and dogs are dependent on one another every time they set off into the wild and the power of that relationship should not be taken for granted. While some dog trainers believe that dominance is the most important trait that a musher needs to have in order to effectively run a dog sled team almost any musher can assert his dominance over a pack of dogs but it takes someone special to form that unbreakable bond between dogs and master that will serve a musher so well on the trail.

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