Dog Sledding Equipment

Dog sledding has a history of thousand years. It was started when the Inuit made their first sled known as “komatik”. The equipment needed for dog sledding has evolved since then. The sled, gang-line everything has been improved a great deal, but the overall structure remains pretty much the same. The main equipments needed for dog sledding incorporates the following:
SLED: The main part of dog sledding equipment is the sled. Dog sledding was possible with the invention of sled. The first sled was made by the Inuit. It was made from various kinds of wood like birch or ash. A sled has to be strong and flexible as well as water proof. So, a lot of care should be taken in making a sled. Inuit also used another type of sled called basket sled. It was made from mid-range floating basket. These two kinds of sled are still common today. But modern sled builders are experimenting with other materials like fiberglass, aluminums etc.
DOG HARNESS: Dog harness is the straps used to hold the sled with the dog. It is generally made of nylon. But the arrangement is done so that sled dog can move unrestricted and does not led to injury. It is made flexible and soft but the nylon can bear a great pressure without causing any harm to the pulling dogs. Harnesses are sewn with extra nylon stitching at the stress points. These help to prevent any extra stress to the dog. Sled builders are testing new materials to make it softer and more flexible to prevent the extra pressure.
GANGLINES: Gang-lines are used to attach dogs to a sled. In the past ropes were used as gang-line. But polypropylene and polyethylene has replaced the simple ropes. These are stronger and have flexibility which prevents it from torn down. New chew proof cables have also become available which is stronger than the polyethylene.
SLED BAGS: Sled bags are used to hold gear and supplies. Sled bags are made in a way to fit easily in any kind of sled. In case of emergency, injured dog can be carried in the sled bags. It has to be water proof. Slide bags can carry huge weight.
DOG COLLAR: Dog collar is must for sled dogs. It is sometimes attached to the harness. It is also a token of identification of a dog. These are made comfortably for the dogs.
There are also a lot other equipment which is used in dog sledding. These include Leashes, dog jacket, dog booties and many others. Skijoring equipments have become popular too. It is just like the skies but dogs are used to pull the skies. New equipments are adding to make dog sledding more easy and exciting. As dog sledding racing have become popular new equipments are coming for the races. Everything is improving day by day. Sled builders are trying new materials to improve the quality of the equipment. As a result dog sledding has become easier.

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