Dog Sled Tours

Dog sled tours are a great way to explore the northern wilderness and if you have a dog sled team they can be a great way to put your team to use while making a little extra money on the side. Many tourists that visit cold weather areas like Alaska, northern Canada and Scandinavia prefer to see the sights using a dog sled rather than other more advanced methods of transportation because there is just something delightfully simplistic and old fashioned about bouncing across a landscape on a sled that is being pulled by a team of dogs. Dog sled tours allow people to feel like they are viewing nature in its purest form, and for many that’s what visiting the northern wilderness is all about.

While most dog sled tours follow a certain pre determined route that the musher and sled team are familiar with there are usually a few guides with sled teams for hire that will take you almost anywhere you want to go. For the hardcore survivalist with money to spend a multi day tour is probably available as well. Before you book a dog sled tour of any type you should research the guide or service that you are using to see if they have a decent reputation. If you are interested in giving tours with your dog sled team you should be familiar with the areas that most tourists like to visit and it would also be beneficial to invest in a few things that would make a passenger more comfortable while on a trip, such as a bigger sled with more room. While hosing dog sled tours can be a way to make some extra money it is also a way to take on added risks because if something happens while on a tour not only will you be responsible for you and your team but you will be responsible for your passenger as well.

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