How to Handle Sled Dogs

Handling sled dogs that are part of a dog sled team is a bit more difficult that handling the family dogs because sled dogs are incredibly smart, which also makes them hard headed and stubborn at time. When working with sled dogs you should treat them as if they are teenagers because they will rebel [...]

Sled Dog Training Schedules

Any experienced sled dog trainer will tell you that the most important part of training a sled dog is keeping a set training schedule. Not only does this mean that you do certain activities at certain times on specific days but it also means that you start new phases of training on time and see [...]

How to Keep Your Sled Dog Warm

Taking care of your sled dogs is the most important responsibility a musher has and one of the most important ways to take care of your sled dogs is to keep them warm. Most people assume that since sled dogs have such thick fur that they can stay warm in even the coldest of temperatures [...]

Taking Care of Your Sled Dogs

The first rule of dog sledding is to take care of your dogs. If you take care of your sled dogs they will ultimately take care of you. Dogs are naturally loyal and if you treat them right they will repay you will never failing loyalty. The bond between an owner and his or her [...]