Types of Dog Sled Equipment

There are almost as many different types of dog sled equipment as there are different types of dogs that can be used to pull a sled. Obviously the most noticeable piece of equipment required for dog sledding is the sled itself but in many ways the sled is one of the least important pieces of [...]

Sled Dog Diet

Considering that a sled dog can burn up to 10,000 calories a day their diet must be strictly controlled to keep them healthy and energized.  Replacing 10,000 calories is difficult but fortunately most sled dogs do not burn that much unless they have been performing at max capacity for the entire day. On races or [...]

Dog Sledding: Getting Started

Getting started in the world of dog sledding is much more difficult than most people think. You can’t just buy a team of dogs and a dog sled and hit the trail, though you will need both of those things. Breaking into the world of dog sledding requires training for both you and your sled [...]