Dog Sledding Competitions

Dog sled competitions may not be as popular as they were many years ago but they are still a great way to earn respect and notoriety in the world of dog sledding. While the Iditarod trail race and the Yukon quest race are the most well known dog sled competitions around there are dozens of [...]

Dog Sled Competitive Racing and Races

Dog sledding racing has become very popular in recent years. With the advent of snowmobiles the necessity of dog sledding for transportation has decreased. Only a few people use dog sledding instead snowmobiles these days. So, dog sledding are mostly used for recreational activities. The most popular of them are dog sledding racing. It is [...]

Dog Sled Races

Heaps of impressive white snow, tropical flowers, flying sleds, running dogs! There is wintering sled dog racing, which is what we frequently think of, where the driver stands on the runs of the sled while a team of dogs pulls the sled across the snow. However there is also falling dog sledding where a driver [...]