The Costs of Dog Sledding

Dog sledding, like most activities comes with plenty of different hidden costs but these tend to be much less than the upfront costs that is immediately discernable. The most expensive investment a dog sled team owner has is the team itself. Dog sled teams can be as small as four to six dogs or as [...]

How to Battle the Cold When You Dog Sled

Dog sledding, like any sport or activity carried out in extreme environments, can be incredibly dangerous, especially for those that are unfamiliar with that extreme environment. Someone that has lived in northern Canada all their life will likely be much more prepared for the dangers of dog sledding than someone who is visiting from Texas [...]

Types of Dog Sleds

These days there are many different types of dog sled out there, some of which incorporate the latest and greatest technologies but the most popular and in many cases the most recognizable dog sleds tend to be the ones that have been around for centuries. When most people think about dog sledding the image that [...]

Equipment to have while Dog Sledding

Going dog sledding without the right equipment can be incredibly risky, especially if you are going to be sledding in adverse weather conditions. While there are literally hundreds of different things you could potentially need while out dog sledding there are a few necessary pieces of equipment that you should never leave home without. One [...]

Different Equipment Used in Dog Sledding / Dog Sled Racing

It is a given fact that before you are able to play dog sledding, you must consider the different factors first. One of which is definitely your equipments since without these, dog sledding would truly never be possible. Moreover as time passes by, the equipments used in dog sledding totally evolved such as from the [...]

Dog Sledding Equipment

Dog sledding has a history of thousand years. It was started when the Inuit made their first sled known as “komatik”. The equipment needed for dog sledding has evolved since then. The sled, gang-line everything has been improved a great deal, but the overall structure remains pretty much the same. The main equipments needed for [...]

Dog Sledding Harness

A dog harness is not only for dog but many other animals that are used in games like horse, camel, eagle etc the dog harness protect them and safe them from harm. People are now very aware of the benefits of the dog harnesses. This is true that it protect not only their dog but [...]