Becoming a Dog Sled Musher

Becoming a musher isn’t as easy as taking a few classes o going on a ride along or two with someone that owns a team of sled dogs. Becoming a musher is difficult and complicated to say the least and, especially if you were not born into the world of dog sledding as most mushers are. If you think that you want to be a dog sled musher you should take a moment to consider the costs, both in time and money, which achieving such a goal entails. For most people born outside the world of dog sledding becoming a dog sled musher is an unattainable goal, either because they can’t afford the time or money that it takes or it is simply too difficult to master. There is nothing easy about being a dog sled musher and over time it can take an incredible physical and mental toll on you.

To become a musher you must first become a dog trainer. While it is true that you can purchase sled dogs that are already trained to pull a sled a musher continually trains his dogs to respond to his commands in every situation imaginable. You won’t be able to be a decent musher unless you can first train your sled dogs to respond to you. TO become a dog sled musher you will also likely have to make a change of scenery unless you already live in a location that sees snow a majority of the year. As you can imagine it would be pretty difficult to learn how to become a dog sled musher anyplace with a hot climate. If you have the time and the money hiring a trainer to help introduce you to the world of dog sledding would be a good idea as long as you remember that the most important part of your education will come from experience.

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